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Under £300,000

Uxbridge Road, Ealing



Client:                     Christopher Smith Associates


Value Range:          Up to £300,000


Description:            Demolition of 7 Storey Office Block


Key Features:


  • High Reach Demolition Rigged Machines

  • Adjacent to Occupied Buildings

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Confined Site

  • Crush On Site

Building 1M Beeston Business Park, Nottingham



Client:                 Geo Hallam and Sons for VBR Investments Limited

Value Range:      Up to £300,000

Description:        Asbestos Survey, Removal and Demolitions

                           of Business/Office Block


Key Features:


  • Adjacent To Live Properties Within Business Park

  • Additional Ducting discovered Under Building

  • Separated The Retained Structure

  • Dust Mitigation Measures

Sluice Gates, Spondon


 Client:                     Jackson Civils


 Value Range:          Up to £300,000


 Description:            Removal Of Sluice Gates


 Key Features:


  • Remove 55m Wide River Sluice Gates

  • Over Head Power Lines

  • Access Only from One Side of the River: Machines Craned Over

  • Electrical Substation Removed as Part of Contract

  • Lead Paint Contamination

  • Environment Agency Liaison

Under £300,000
£300,000 to £500,000

Calthorpe House, The British Postal Museum, London



 Client:                    Gardiner Theobald for Postal Heritage Trust


 Value Range:         £300,000 to £500,000


 Description:           Strip Out & Demolition of Calthorpe House


 Key Features:


  • Linked to Retained Structures

  • Confined Site in Central London

  • Demolition Of:

    • Outbuildings

    • Single Storey Extension

    • Two Storey Industrial Buildings

  • Removal of Asbestos from Warehouses, Boiler Room & Stairwell

Hythe, King Edward Quay, Colchester


 Client:                       Lambert Smith Hampton for HCA


 Value Range:          £300,000 to £500,000


 Description:            Demolition of Former Warehouses


 Key Features:


  • Demolition of 100 ft Tall Silo Tower

  • High Rigged Demolition Machines

  • Extensive Dust Mitigation Measures

  • Adjacent to: Tidal River, Live Factory Complex and Public House

Town Street, Sandicare


 Client:                     Three Valley Housing


 Value Range:          £300,000 to £500,000


 Description:            Demolition of 68 flats in 4 sites on Town Street


 Key Features:


  • Residential Area With Grassed Recreation Ground And Protected Trees

  • Demolition of Linked Family Dwellings

  • Residents Meetings Held Throughout Project

  • Adjacent To School

  • Site Dissected By Public Right Of Way: Remained Open At All Times

  • Electrical Substation - Protected Throughtout Project

  • Hand Demolition to Sensative Areas

£500,000 to £1,000,000

Mansfield General Hospital, Mansfield


 Client:                    Mansfield District Council


 Value Range:         £500,000 to £1,000,000


 Description:           Asbestos Removal And Demolition Of Derelict

                               Hospital Site


 Key Features:


  • 1.1 Hectare Site

  • Site Derelict for 20 Years

  • Bat Protection Measures - Bat House Constructed

  • Giant Knotweed In Several Locations

  • 5 Storey Block within 7m of Residential Properties

  • 40m High Chimney Stack Demolished

  • Directly Adjacent To School

  • Extensive Asbestos Removal

Talbot House, Nottingham


Client:                MRW Building Services for Fusion Residential



Value Range:     £500,000 to £1,000,000


Description:       Demolition Of Commercial Office Block, Leaving Art

                          Deco Facade Intact With Extensive Asbestos Removal


Key Features:


  • Facade And Staircase Retention

  • Asbestos Removal

  • Homeless People Were Using Part Of The Structure For Shelter

  • Confined Site Constrained By Arterial Roads Into City Centre

  • Contamination Investigations And Sampling

  • Adjacent To Listed Building

  • Live Electrical Substation In Basement – Relocated As Part Of Contract

Over £1,000,000

York House, Nottingham

Client:                   intu Investments


Value Range:       Over £1,000,000


Description:         Asbestos Removal & Demolition of an Eight Storey

                            Office Block


Key Features:


  • Demolition of 8 Storey Building

  • Adjacent To Grade II Listed Pub, Retail Units & Live Accommodation

  • Confined City Centre Location

  • Constrained By Arterial Roads Into City Centre

  • Adjacent To City Centre Transport Hub – Bus Station & Taxi Rank

  • Live Electrical Substation In Basement – Moved As Part Of Contract

  • Asbestos Removal

CLASP Council Offices, Nottingham


 Client:                  Nottinghamshire County Council


 Value Range:       Over £1,000,000


 Description:         Asbestos Removal, Separation And Demolition Of

                             The CLASP Block & Associated Link Corridors


Key Features:


  • Notifiable & Non Notifiable Asbestos Removal

  • Segregation From Live Adjoining Buildings

  • Adjacent to: the River Trent, Listed Council Offices, Live Car Park & Arterial Road for Nottingham

  • Extensive Noise & Dust Mitigation Works

£300,000 to £500,000
£500,000 to £1,000,000
Over £1,000,000
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